The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary by Catherine Gray

Do you find that sometimes things that were once exciting just, well, aren’t anymore?

Often when we’re younger, we’re told that getting to a certain level will make us happy. Or achieving a certain goal. Or having a stable marriage, relationships, children…you get the picture.

What we love about Catherine’s book is that she helps us see through her own unique way that the solution to really discovering happiness is really in rediscovering that joy in the ordinary. Those things that we often forget are amazing because they’ve become so commonplace for us. Especially in a world of instant gratification.

In The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary, Catherine helps us see and discover some of the stark realities of those “extraordinary” around us – influencers risk higher rates of anxiety and depression, high rollers are less happy, and huge weddings increase the likelihood of divorce.

Instead, she wants us to learn how we can be exalted by the everyday. And honestly, isn’t that an amazing lesson to embrace especially in our lives now?