Learn the Business of Legal Cannabis

Have you been thinking about changing your career and even thinking about investing in the emerging cannabis industry?

Changing careers after 50 requires some research and adjustments, but it’s certainly not impossible! If you’re looking to leverage your previous experience like Chip Conley and move into a new-to-you industry, cannabis is growing rapidly as the laws change.

However legal, it’s still a heavily regulated industry. Before you take the leap, we recommend you take on some Higher Learning.

Teaching the Commerce+Chemistry of Cannabis™

Led by Curt Robbins, the Higher Learning LV on-demand courses aim to provide the education and training you’ll need to transition in legal cannabis from other industries.

Their newly launched online courses provide you with audio and video instruction. These courses have been built to leverage the most recent technology and educational methods. That means you get a better jump start on learning the legal cannabis business with a clear path to success.

Higher Learning knows that knowledge is critical to efficiency in this emerging industry. Plus, they have begun to offer certifications so that you can show a future employer that you know your stuff.

Unlimited Access to Higher Learning Knowledge

Currently, Higher Learning offers access to their online learning platform through either a monthly subscription at $19/month or an annual basis of $149/year. That’s an incredible deal when you know that you’ll get all of this:

  • Unlimited access to their Knowledge Base which includes hundreds of exclusive articles but text and video series
  • Deep Dive Series for thorough industry analysis
  • Understanding Series for all job types
  • Educational or Proprietary Terpene Harvest series

If you’re looking for even deeper support, Curt offers personalized private training. This will help you take a deep dive into your goals, business, or plans and get the strategy just for you.

If you’ve been thinking at all about transitioning into the legal cannabis industry, Higher Learning is definitely the first place you should look!