Margaret Manning Reaches Over 500,000 Over 60 Women

Can I tell you a secret?

I absolutely love what Margaret Manning has been doing over at Sixty + Me!

Founded in 2013, she’s built up a community of over 500,000 women over 60 with her website, social media, and YouTube channel.

She’s working to help other women her age find joy, passion, and a sense of purpose in the best years of their lives. With their helpful articles throughout their website and just a wonderful sense of camaraderie, she and her team are helping women just like me be unapologetically themselves.

Shaped by Her Early Experiences

Born in west London, her father moved her family around a lot to find work. At age 8, her family immigrated to Ontario, Canada. In order to get to Canada, her family sailed on a beautiful ship and Margaret credits this with igniting her own love of travel.

At around 16, her family moved to Detroit where she graduated from high school. It was also in Detroit that her mother passed away and it forced Margaret to become independent and to connect and surround herself with a new group of people.

After her mother passed, she took her $64, dog, and flew to Denver to start a new life.

Helping Women Live Their Lives to the Fullest

She built a career in technology with Microsoft and other places, but there she learned all the things that she needed to know to build her future community.

After she retired, she reached out to find other women who felt like her. Those who were told their lives were “ending” but felt in their hearts that that wasn’t the case.

Margaret started a simple Facebook group and it grew quickly to over 30,000 members. They started the website to continue to build the community and the rest is history!

Within her women-focused site, you’ll discover articles on health, beauty, games, aging, travel, money and so much more.

I absolutely love the community she’s built and the amazing resources she provides for women to live their lives to the fullest – at any age.