Montana’s Dunrovin Ranch

The Cyber Front Porch of Dunrovin Ranch


What is Dunrovin Ranch?

Dunrovin Ranch is a family-owned “accidental” guest ranch in Lolo, Montana. The owners, Sterling and SuzAnne Miller, discovered this Montana gem when they returned from their professions in Alaska to care for SuzAnne’s parents.

Sterling’s large family had previously used the property for reunions and then friends from Alaska began to come check out Montana as a possible retirement spot. What started as creating a few guest quarters and a couple of guest horses quickly turned into several apartments and a herd of horses.

Everything really took off though after a web camera was installed above an osprey nest located on the ranch. As bird and nature enthusiasts gathered around their computers to watch the ospreys, they soon became friends through chatting, email, Tweeting, and Facebooking.

24 Hour Live Video Feeds

dunrovin ranch ospreysDays at Dunrovin broadcasts 4 live camera feeds, 24/7. These feeds include access to the original osprey nest, the river, the Bench where the wildlife seek food and shelter along the edge of the fields, and the Ranch itself. The Ranch camera even lets viewers interact with ranch staff, special guests, artists, authors, scientists, and more.

Days at Dunrovin has even added a chat feature so that members can interact with each other while they watch. We think that’s where the magic really begins!

How to Join


Days at Dunrovin protects their community with a set of guidelines and requires you to have a membership to really dive in. They do offer a free 14 day trial, but as it’s only $8/month after we think it’s a great deal!

Just visit their website to sign up as a Days at Dunrovin member and hold on to your binoculars!

You’ll be able to explore nature, chat with friends, or simply watch the sunset. Discover everything that Days at Dunrovin has to offer!

Why We Love Dunrovin


If I didn’t know anything beyond what I learned in this video, I would still love Dunrovin.

Through an unforeseen chain of events, SuzAnne learned how important her osprey nest webcams had become to people across the globe.

When regular viewers asked her not to take the cameras down at the end of the season, SuzAnne discovered how important her beloved ranch had become to people she didn’t even know!

So, after the ospreys departed, she continued bringing people together at Dunrovin with more webcams to view more of its amazing residents as they changed with the seasons.

Fun, fellowship, and shared experiences keep bringing people back to Dunrovin, and Dunrovin to people who will never physically come here.

On top of that, Dunrovin has brought webcam viewers together with other webcam viewers!

It’s become a community for so many people around the globe.

This happy place called Dunrovin has changed many lives, and SuzAnne wants to change even more.

She closes the video by expressing her joy at creating this happy place for so many through the sharing of Dunrovin’s natural healing beauty with the world.

Check out the video and find your Happy Place at Dunrovin.

Sign up to become a member of Days at Dunrovin and receive:

  • Access to all Dunrovin live webcams
  • 24/7 chat with fellow members
  • Participate in topic-based forums
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Come and help us create something really amazing together.