Pickleball for Beginners

Feeling younger than your age can actually help you age better! When you feel young and healthy, you can be younger and healthier.

A sport that’s a perfect fit for that and has an intergenerational appeal is pickleball!

Sweeping the nation because it’s fun, accessible, and great for Third Agers, pickleball is a fantastic game to play with your friends (or to meet new ones!)

If you’ve never played and want to learn how (and how to win), then we’ve found the best guide for you – Pickleball for Beginners.

Pickleball 101

If you’re wanting to learn pickleball to improve your hand eye coordination and find a cardiovascular exercise, this guide is perfect. 

It will teach you the fundamentals of the game so you and a group of friends can pick it up without having to go to a coach or the expense of private lessons.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The FUNdamentals – The basics every pickler should know before hitting the field
  • Pickleball 101 – Explanations of rules, Pickleball terms and principles, and expert tips for having fun!
  • Game Strategies and Dinking Techniques
  • Ways to step up your game

Pickleball Techniques to Beat Your Friends

Another reason we love this book? If you’re competitive and like to win, this book is full of ways to win every match!

Filled with seven strategies to take you from losses to wins, you’ll learn to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses to come out ahead. It also will teach you new shots and drills to try. But we love that it teaches you some mindset skills to get over your losses and stay in the winning mindset!

Before you hit the court with your new pickleball accessories, grab this guide so you can wow your friends with your skills!