Improve Heart Health with AllTrails

I love a good hike! Getting out in the sunshine and among natural beauty is just good for your soul. Hiking has great physical benefits, too! In fact, hiking can be great for your heart health

Walking through an area with some elevation changes (even minor, easy ones!) will help increase your heart rate and give it some needed exercise. 

You don’t need to go out and tackle the craziest trails either. In fact, one of my favorite ways to find a hiking trail near me is by using the AllTrails app.

Adventure for Anyone, Anywhere

If you open up the AllTrails website, you’ll notice that you immediately get trails near you! Their location-based technology allows you to find the perfect trail in your neighborhood or near your next vacation spot.

Whether you’re looking for an easier, more casual stroll or you’re ready to tackle that mountain, there’s a trail for you on their website.

With their app and website, you can input choices for your upcoming hike like distance, points of interest, and difficulty preference. AllTrails will spit out options that match your search and even show you reviews and photos from the people who have done it before you.

Keep Track of Your Hikes

Want to save your favorite trails and jump into the community of it all?

Join AllTrails for free and save your favorite routes, explore and create lists for an upcoming vacation, or even see the trails your friends like.

You can even use the app on your hike to check your location in real-time on the AllTrails map. Want to get involved in the community? Share a recording of your own route, add comments, write a review and upload photos for others to view.

Go Pro for just $29.99/year and you’ll have access to everything even when you don’t have signal with downloaded maps. You’ll also be able to keep loved ones informed of your plans and hikes with Lifeline and check weather for your planned destinations.

If you’re looking to get outside, reduce your stress, and improve your heart health, hiking is the perfect way to do it! Grab our favorite hiking gear and get outside with AllTrails.