Get Back to Nature with RV Lifestyle

Do you love being closer to nature? I think getting out in the world, seeing beautiful areas, and just reconnecting with the earth is so good for the soul (and your stress levels!)!

If you love being in the middle of nowhere and traveling around to beauty spots in the US, one of the easiest ways to do that is with an RV.

The great thing about RV travel is that you can socially distance yourself, carry everything you need with you, and even bring your best furry friend to explore with you!

Traveling with an RV might feel a bit overwhelming if it’s totally new to you, but we’ve found the perfect Third Agers to introduce you to all the best tips with RV Lifestyle!

RV Adventure Tips

Run by husband and wife duo Mike and Jennifer Wendland, RV Lifestyle has all the tips and resources you might need to start your own RV adventure.

The Wendlands have traveled over 25,000 miles in their RV, doing so about 75% of the year. 

Within their website, they share everything they’ve learned about living the RV lifestyle.

Land on their homepage and you’ll find tips for the top 10 tools you need to carry, where to find free or cheap RV camping sites, and even how to use pool noodles to hack your RV.

Their website is truly a massive resource of 10 years’ of experience. Find and make a list of their preferred campgrounds, equipment tips, and more!

RV Podcast and YouTube Channel

It doesn’t just stop there. If you prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a video to reading blogs, you can listen to the RV Podcast or dive into the RV Lifestyle YouTube channel where you can take a tour of their home or find RV safety tips.

Live a Life on the Road

I love seeing more and more people hit the road! With the RV lifestyle, you can wake up in a beautiful new location, head out on a hike, and then spend the rest of your day working or just connecting with new-found friends.

If you’ve ever thought about buying an RV and hitting the road, use RV Lifestyle as your resource!