The RV Lifestyle with Mike and Jennifer

It’s pretty much a proven fact that traveling makes you happier. You get to disconnect from your normal world while also connecting with a part of the world you might not otherwise understand.

It was this love for travel and wanting more time in new places that led Mike and Jennifer Wendland to start their RV travel lifestyle blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

It All Started as a Hobby

When Mike left his journalism career in 2012, he wanted a chance to actually see the places he’d dropped into before. He now had time to explore and he and his wife Jennifer wanted to take advantage of that.

They purchased a Class B campervan style motorhome and hit the road. While traveling, Mike started a blog to share the stories they were creating, the places they got to see, and the interesting people they got to meet.

That hobby grew into a community of RV enthusiasts like Mike and Jennifer.

Growing into an RV Enterprise

While Mike and Jennifer only travel about 75% of the time, they live their RV life year-round.

What started as a hobby, however, has quickly turned into a full-time gig. To keep their semi-retired status, Mike and Jennifer focus on creating the content while their children pitch in to help manage the community and communication.

When you dive into their blog articles, podcast episodes, or videos, you’ll get to see a slice of what it’s like to live a life on the road. Traveling even to snowy places in the winter, Mike and Jennifer continue to share their experiences, their favorite RV travel products, the stories of the people and the places they come across, and let the road guide them a bit.

Their blog is focused more on traveling tips and less mechanical ones, but it’s a perfect resource to connect with other RV enthusiasts and learn how to make an RV life a reality for you!

We love seeing Third Agers like Mike and Jennifer create the life they want and even turning it into a second career!