Fly Fishing with Betsy Miraglia

A professional papermaker and artist, you’d think we’d be talking to Betsy Miraglia about her art. And while we’re talking to her about something involving water, it’s not her amazing papermaking.

It’s fly fishing!

Her Fly Fishing Journey

Betsy is a friend of my brother’s in one of his fly fishing groups. While on vacation in Colorado many years ago, Betsy wanted to get outdoors but wasn’t much of a skier. After watching A River Runs Through It, she decided she wanted to try fly fishing.

And so Betsy walked into her first fly fishing shop. She needed all of the fly fishing gear, but she knew it was something she wanted to try.

That shop got her kitted up and she climbed over the March snowdrifts to get to the water and immediately fell in love.

Why Fly Fishing

I just loved learning about Betsy so much that I had to talk to her directly! I loved getting to learn why she loves fly fishing (it’s all about the peace and tranquility) and the funny thing she does when she catches a fish.

Watch our interview and tell me – do you want to try fly fishing now?