Get off the Couch and Travel More with Charlene and Richard

Do you want to explore new places, experience new delights, and have unique adventures? The answer to getting all of these is traveling!

If your bucket list has always included traveling more, then you’ll love Charlene and Richard Mixa’s story and their travel blog at Senior Travel Tales and Tips.

How Retirement Turned into Travel Writing

When Charlene and Richard retired in 2005, their top Bucket List goal was to travel! They wanted to visit new places, learn about different cultures, and have unique adventures while seeing the sites.

Initially, they thought that the answer was to get into the travel business, but they soon learned that was not what they wanted. They were helping others traveling, but not doing it as much themselves.

In 2009, they discovered that writing about travel was actually the key! They became freelance travel writers with of Marco Polo Publications. As writers, they began to share their travel stories, experiences, and guidance for those seeking travel adventures. Charlene especially found that writing about their travels, experiences, and inspiring others to travel definitely not only fulfilled her own passion for travel, but to also help others to do the same.

Richard has found that writing about their travels has also encouraged him to try new things. Some things he’d never imagine! Like zip lining and white water rafting.

Senior Travel Tales and Tips

Their freelance travel writing soon gave way to creating their own travel blog. At, they not only share their own travel tales (from well known locales to those off-the-beaten-path delights), but guidance on traveling more.

Written especially for Olders, Charlene and Richard share guidance, recommendations, insight, and some entertainment from their own travel experiences. You have to check out their Before You Leave Home checklist and their tips on Expecting the Unexpected.

Mostly, Charlene and Richard hope to help other Baby Boomers to discover a variety of destinations and experiences they may not have thought of. And they cover it all! From golfing, hiking, walking, sightseeing and dining, you’ll receive valuable insights specifically for you.

Learn how to create your own personal adventure and follow the Mixas on theirs!

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