Our Favorite Fly Fishing Gear for Newbies

Did you watch A River Runs Through It and get inspired to try fly fishing like Betsy did?

We’ve got the gear you need to get started!

Now, we didn’t include a rod because we feel like that choice should be up to the professionals, but we found some accessories you’ll need before hitting the stream and going after those trout!

kylebooker fly fishing vest

Kylebooker Fly Fishing Vest Pack

This adjustable vest is suitable for men and women. It comes in several different colors in lightweight-breathable fabric. Perfect for all seasons! We love this vest because it has 17 exterior and interior pockets and rod holder loops & a variety of accessory loops to hold all your gear. Reviews call this vest comfy, lightweight, and perfect for fishing!

WETSOX Frictionless 2.5 MM Wader Socks

Fly fishing requires a lot of time in the water. While you’ll need high-quality boots, what you put on under those boots matters almost as much! These WETSOX wader socks are perfect for easily slipping in and out of your waders. No more struggling, tugging, or stretching to get them on and off! While they’re not waterproof, if your feet do get wet, the neoprene core will continue to insulate your feet to keep you warm. Perfect for fly fishing!
handwork fly fishing flies kit

Handwork Fly Fishing Flies Kit

You can never have too many flies! Created by fly-fishing professionals and 100% handmade, these flies are exactly what you need to bring large trout and other fish in. This 114 piece set comes in a waterproof fly box to keep your flies organized and dry. It’s the perfect kit for a beginner or as a gift to an experienced fly fisher.

ReferenceReady Fly Fishing Knot Cards

When you’re out on the river, there may not be a signal to Google different knots. These waterproof fly fishing knot cards help you leave the phone at home and still have everything you need as a beginner fly fisherman. These cards include step-by-step, color-coded knot tying diagrams designed to be easy to follow, including descriptions and usage tips. Use the included mini carabiner to hook it to your new Kylebooker vest!
eference ready fly fishing cards