Revisiting A River Runs Through it

When we think of fly fishing, there’s only one movie that really comes to mind. The 1992 classic A River Runs Through It.

Approaching its 30th anniversary of release, we thought this was a great time to revisit the movie. Starring a young Brad Pitt in one of his early breakout roles, the film is actually based on an autobiographical novel of the same name.

In both the book and the movie, the story follows The Maclean brothers, Paul (Brad Pitt) and Norman (Craig Sheffer), who live a relatively idyllic life in rural Montana. The brothers spend much of their time fly fishing. As sons of a strict Presbyterian minister (Tom Skerritt), the boys eventually part company when Norman moves east to attend college, leaving his rebellious brother to find trouble back home. When Norman finally returns, the siblings resume their fishing outings, and assess both where they’ve been and where they’re going.

The Making of a Star

Directed by Robert Redford, A River Runs Through It gained lots of recognition from critics for being a great (if not fantastic) film. However, it was Pitt’s performance that everyone took notice of.

I want you to think – did you even remember the other actors in this film besides Brad Pitt, 30 years later?

While he had exploded onto the scene in Thelma and Louise, it was A River Runs Through It that cemented his star power. And as we know, his long career has barely slowed in the last 30 years. Nominated for acting Oscars an impressive four times, he only just won in 2020 for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Take a Break from Action Sequences

If you’re a bit tired of the big, dramatic action set-pieces, this film is a welcome break. Shot on location and focused more on the personal relationships and landscape, it’s a beautiful film that shares its message subtly without being “in your face.” 

Available on Netflix or to rent on Amazon Prime, you could be streaming this in no time and be transported to the beautiful Rock Mountain scenery and maybe be inspired to try fly fishing!