Replace Your Boring Grill with a Blackstone

Eating healthy can have a huge impact on your longevity. Cooking at home with fresh, whole ingredients can be a huge part of your healthier eating lifestyle. Especially now that it’s summer, getting outside and cooking on a grill might just sound like the perfect combination to healthy cooking and avoiding the drive thru.

While grilling can be a great way to cook healthy, might we introduce a new concept?

Meet the Blackstone Griddle

Get restaurant-quality meals with the Blackstone gas griddle. Think of the griddles you love at your favorite Teppanyaki place, but at home! 

Griddles are excellent for healthy meals because their high heat settings allow your food to cook faster. That locks in the flavoris, vitamins, and minerals, and gives you a delicious, healthy meal.

We love the Blackstone Outdoor Griddle Station because it not only can replace your current grill (and is a lot less hassle!), but it comes with convenient bottom and side shelves to give you a true cooking station. You’ll have plenty of space for cooking and prep and you won’t have to make several trips from the kitchen to get your dinner made.

Expansive Cooktop for Versatile Cooking

This particular model comes with 4 adjustable burners that give you a versatile cooking surface. You can tweak the heat settings in each zone and cook several foods at once without burning a thing! 

Not cooking for a large crowd? Use only two burners instead and save gas and space.

Blackstone griddles are not only perfect for burgers, steak, and other meats, but a great option for grilling fresh veggies (you won’t lose a single onion), making breakfast, quesadillas, grilled cheese, pancakes, potatoes, and so much more.

Honestly, your Blackstone could become your favorite household appliance. And it’s only $249!

In fact, my own sons rave about their griddles and how easy they are to cook with.

Get Restaurant Cooking at Home

The Blackstone allows you to eat healthier at home with fresh ingredients and makes it fun! Many of the thousands of 5 star reviews mention how easy the Blackstone is to cook almost anything. They also love that it’s easy to assemble and clean and fun to use.

It’s simply perfect for getting outside and grilling up healthy, delicious meals!

P.S. If you’re thinking about upgrading your grill to a Blackstone, you won’t want to forget the best Blackstone accessories pack or a cover for your griddle either.