Products to Help You Age in Place

We talked a couple of weeks ago about destination retirement villages. Most of the homes in those villages are specifically built to be safe as you go through your third age, including being built with zero-grade entries and other features.

But what if you love your home now and want to stay there? We also talked about the National Aging in Place Council that promotes just that. They provide resources and even help you find contractors for you to transform your home to put your family’s mind at ease.

While there are certainly fun tech gadgets you can add to your home that can aid aging in place, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more non-technical items.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

wellness mat
Wellnessmats in brown

No one has ever really liked doing the dishes (right? right?), but the worst part of a long day in the kitchen cooking and/or cleaning is what standing in one place can do to your back and legs.

Enter these awesome anti-fatigue mats! The mats not only encourage proper circulation, it helps to promote better posture and correctly displace your body weight to reduce muscle fatigue and stress. (And honestly, these are great for the kitchen and other areas you stand for a while, no matter your age!)

One thing we like about the WellnessMats are that they’re non-slip and don’t curl. They also come in a variety of sizes so you can get just the right one for your home.

CleanCut Step Bathtub Conversion Kit

CleanCut Bath Transformation

If your home only has bathtub/shower combinations, you may have your kids and younger family members wanting you to convert one of those to a shower with a lower-grade entry.

Instead of the expense (and time!) of ripping out a bathroom, we recommend taking a look at the CleanCut Step Bathtub Accessibility Kit. This handy kit helps you to transform a regular tub or even a deep soaker tub into one that allows you to step right in instead.

It might require a handyman if you don’t feel comfortable doing the cutting portion yourself, but it takes just a couple of hours to do instead of ripping out an entire tub and installing a new shower. Definitely a win for us!

Never Lose Your Keys with Tile Mate

Tile Mate tiles and stickers

OK, so yes, this one is a bit on the technical side, but we love how low-tech and easy it is. Essentially, these little tiles and keychains are the world’s best-selling Bluetooth trackers. They attach easily to keychains or can be slipped inside of a pocket of anything you don’t want to lose.

Use your smartphone to make that Tile Mate ring when you just know it’s nearby but you can’t find it. Or, if you’ve lost your phone, you can double press the button on one of your Tile Mates to ring your phone – even if you’ve left it on silent! Plus, with the Tile App, you’ll be able to see the actual location of where you left something. Just in case you left those spare keys at your daughter’s or the coffee shop.

We love this 4 pack because it includes small, sticker tiles that you can attach to anything – like headphones, remotes, and gadgets!