Protect Your Eyes with These Amazing Items

If you’re in my private Facebook community (please come join us!), you’ll know that I recently had cataract surgery.

I’m loving my clearer, more vivid vision. It’s been a relatively smooth experience for me so far, but I’ve been thinking about how much I want to protect my eyes now that I can see better.

So I started doing some digging and found some amazing things for you! Staring at screens for most of our day is so damaging for us and of course there are things we can do to keep our eyes healthier, longer.

If you want to protect your vision, you’ll want to grab these!

benicci blue light glasses

Block Harmful Blue Light

Ever feel like your eyes are strained or getting headaches after long days of staring at screens? That’s blue light causing you pain! Found in computer and phone screens, staring at it for too long can even disrupt your sleep schedule. Grab these gender-neutral blue light blocking glasses from Benicci and you’ll find working a whole lot easier. They have 11,000 positive reviews and are incredibly affordable!

kimkoo heat mask

Improve Dry Eyes with This Mask

Did you know that using warm, moist heat on your eyes can actually help improve your eye health? There are a lot of reasons our eyes dry out over the day – especially for contact lens wearers. Make this microwaveable heat compress a part of your evening routine to relieve eye fatigue, treat dry eyes, and help with blepharitis.

thera tears

Use Fish Oil to Heal from the Inside Out

If you suffer from dry, itchy eyes another doctor-recommended treatment is fish oil. The Omega-3 supplement can provide vital nourishment for your irritated eyes. This blend from Thera Tears is specially formulated with triglyceride fish oil and organic flaxseed oil with Vitamin E to promote eye health. Created by an ophthalmologist, you’ll love this simple daily supplement.

Correct and Protect Your Vision at the Same Time

Need readers? It’s a perfectly natural side effect of aging. Grab a few fun readers from Gaoye! These come in multi-packs so you can switch up your style on a daily basis. I love that they also include blue-light blocking and anti-glare in the lens so that you can use them safely with any device and protect your eyes from digital eye strain.

refresh optive gel drops

Get Immediate Relief with Eye Drops

You can never go wrong with some classic eye drops. Doctor-recommended, Refresh Optive gel drops can provide you immediate relief and protection all day long. This extended relief formula is great to use when your eyes are particularly sensitive to get some immediate relief.