Share a Home Safely with Silvernest

Have you been watching some Golden Girls reruns and wondering how Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose got so lucky to find each other?

Well, those three may have met via a grocery store message board (it was the 80s after all), but there’s a modern equivalent – Silvernest!

The Modern Way to Roommate

Silvernest helps you share your home, or another’s, and makes it a breeze. And makes it safe, too! If you currently live alone and wish you had a roommate, to either help with the expenses or to just have a companion from time to time, home sharing might just be the answer for you.

Silvernest helps you match with homeowners who are looking to rent or housemates looking for a place. They go beyond that grocery store ad boards and match you up via a unique compatibility score and they verify everyone’s identity at signup so you know it’s safe.

Then, Silvernest lets you interview and get to know each other through their secure app, so you can be sure you’ll be a compatible match. 

Once you decide to move forward and move in, Silvernest even takes care of the legalities and logistics. They provide a lease creator, automated rent payments, and home sharing insurance all in one.

Share Your Home, Gain Financial Resilience

Another advantage to home sharing? It can help your finances, allow you to earn extra money, or help you save so that you can enjoy your time instead of being stuck with a large mortgage. If you’ve been working to get your finances under control or have been working on your budget, home sharing might be the creative solution you’ve been looking for.

Plus, when you share your home, not only are you creating a new community and friendships, you have the opportunity to live where you want and are less constrained by budgets.

In fact, Silvernest has helped homeowners earn $31 million dollars in rent and helped renters save $23 million in rent, too.

If you’re looking for a creative housing solution, Silvernest might just be your answer!