Sharing Family Photos Just Got Easier

You know, I’m almost a little pissed about this new product we just discovered. Everything is so much easier these days!

If you have family living in other states, did you know there’s now a way for them to easily share photos with you AND they can be displayed for you or your visitors to see? Within seconds?

We love the Skylight Frame! A digital photo frame that your children and loved ones can email pictures to and they’ll appear in seconds. How cool is that?

Their setup is super simple, too. Just plug it in and connect it to wifi on the touch screen, set up a Skylight email address, and then you can email photos to it instantly. Or give that email to your loved ones who can share new pictures with your photo frame from thousands of miles away.

With the touch screen display, you can swipe through and browse your photo gallery, pause the slideshow, and delete any old pictures with just a few taps. The frame will even alert you when you have new pictures to see with their notifications pop-up so you can see the new pictures right away.

Think about how fun it would be to check your photo frame to see if there are any new pictures! Plus, it gives you a way to display those fun pictures of your kids and grandkids (and grand-dogs) in a way that anyone can enjoy them. You can even thank your loved ones for sending new photos by tapping the heart button on the photos.

It’s even a great way to share your own adventures and enjoy those far-off places you’ve visited without having to get pictures printed. Just email them to your Skylight frame yourself and it’ll do the work for you.

This easy device is pretty cool and what a great way to keep in touch with family and friends near and far. We love it!