Tell Your Story and Become a Better Writer

When you want to age the best way you can, you need to stay mentally active. Do that by also taking the time to write and tell your story.

There’s a famous saying that there’s a book inside all of us.

Whether you want to write your book for yourself, your loved ones, or even to possibly publish, it can be a great exercise to sit down and write.

If you’re new to writing, you might need a bit of help in getting started and ensuring that you’re writing in a way that communicates the best way possible to your reader.

Fellow Third Ager and best-selling author Steven Pressfield can help you get there with his hilariously tilted Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t.

Real Writers Know This

Pressfield claims that only real writers truly understand – nobody wants to read your sh*t.

When we sit down to write, it can be really easy to believe that someone will be interested in what we have to say because we’re taking the time. You have a story to share and it’s valid.

But that doesn’t mean that how you write it will capture your readers’ attention.

Instead, it’s about developing empathy for your reader and learning that you need to consider their needs as well as your own. After all, they’re giving their time to read what you write.

It needs to be written in a way that feels worth their valuable time.

Get in the Mind of Your Reader

Understanding how your reader feels about what you write can be difficult. After all, objectivity with something so personal can be really hard.

But Pressfield doesn’t just tell you that you have a problem. His motivational Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t talks you through how to change your mindset. He teaches you how to ask questions like:

  • Is this interesting?
  • Is it fun, challenging, or inventive? 
  • Am I giving the reader enough?
  • Are they bored?
  • Are they following where I want to lead them?

He’ll teach you how to answer those questions and work to become the writer you have always secretly wished you could be.

Masterclass in Writing

The hundreds of five star reviews all say the same thing – this is a masterclass in writing in one. A book so inspirational that you’ll be itching to get started on your writing before you’ve even finished. And I love that so many of the reviews mention how great this book is, whether you’re a new writer or someone who’s been doing it for decades.

If you’ve been wanting to become a better writer, learn to write so you can share your story, or just work on keeping your mind sharp, this book is a must read!

Grab the book, your favorite notebook, and start writing!