The Perfect Gear for Outdoor Concerts

I love summer! It’s the perfect time to enjoy being outdoors, getting fresh air, and soaking up some vitamin D.

A great excuse to get outside? An outdoor concert!

Listening to good music is just good for the soul. Combine music, fresh air, and sunshine, and you’ve got the perfect evening.

To make your outdoor concert experience comfortable, we’ve put together a list of our favorite gear for outdoor concerts.

cascade mountain tech low profile chair

Cascade Mountain Tek Low Profile Chair

Get off the ground and in a comfortable seat with this foldable chair. This low-profile, lightweight chair meets standards for most outdoor concerts and comes with a carrying bag to make travel a breeze. This chair is easy to even take on a plane in your luggage or throw in the trunk. Reviewers love how comfortable and portable it is.

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan

One of the worst things about being outside for long periods of time is when there’s no airflow. Fix that problem with this convenient neck fan! This hands-free fan will keep you cool without having to hold it. Quiet so it doesn’t distract you from the music, it’s also ultra light and bladeless. Perfect for any outdoor activities this summer!
frogg toggs poncho

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho

The unfortunate reality of outdoor concerts is that weather can be variable. Stay dry if it starts raining with this compact poncho! You won’t annoy the people around you with an umbrella and you can pull it out only if you need it. Snap the sides closed for extra protection. Reviewers note how well this keeps them dry and how little room it takes up.

Mission Cooling Hat

Protect yourself from the sun and stay cool with this super cool hat! Simply get it wet, wring out the excess, and shake it and it’ll work to cool you within 30 seconds. The three-inch brim will help to keep the sun out of your eyes (and off your face), too. It comes in a variety of colors to match your personality.

BuggyBands Mosquito Bracelets

My least favorite thing about prolonged time outdoors? The bugs! Keep mosquitoes and other bugs away (without covering yourself in smelly sprays) with these bracelets. DEET free and made with natural ingredients, multiple reviews mention how they can wear them and remain bite free!