5 Powerful Tools to Self Love

Learning to love yourself really can be the key to a much more fulfilling and happy life. It’s also probably the relationship we neglect the most.

How can you learn to love yourself and make it an active habit?

Well first, you should pick up a self love workbook and then take mindful steps to putting your thoughts into action.

We’ve gathered our favorite, powerful tools to help you work towards radical self love.

reacher white noise machine

Start with a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting good quality rest is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success every single day. And yet, many of us neglect our sleep. Make it easier with this combination sound machine and night light. With 31 high quality sounds (from white to brown to pink), it’ll have a sound that can mask outside noise and lull you to sleep. It also includes a dimmable night light with multiple colors to help you lull to sleep.

Get Outside for a Walk

Self love requires taking care of our bodies. One of the easiest ways to increase our physical activity is to literally just get off the couch and move! Go for a walk around your neighborhood, head to a local park and take in the scenery, or even do a few laps around Target. Make those walks comfortable and easy with the Skechers Go Walk shoe. With models for both men and women, these Skechers are super easy to slide on and comfortable for that next stroll.

mens and womens shoes
Phase 10 card game

Play a Game with Loved Ones

Spending time with people you love can be a huge boost to the soul, and Phase 10 is an excellent card game that also allows you to chat while you play. Games can go for hours at a time and can bring out the most competitive sides of your friends. This one is perfect if you want something to focus the attention for the night while not getting too buried in a game.

Use a Gratitude Journal to Encourage Self Reflection

One of the best ways to love ourselves? Getting to know our real thoughts and feelings. Gratitude journals are great to help you focus on the positive and celebrate your daily wins. This Day and Night Reflection Journal from Insight Editions is a perfect way to start working on your self love. It has sections to help you document not only expressions of gratitude, but your personal affirmation, that day’s positive interactions, and space to reflect on all of it. You’ll quite literally re-train your brain to think more positively about your entire world.

gratitude journal
animals adult coloring book

Tap Into Your Creative Side with a Coloring Book

Yes, we said coloring book! Not only is coloring extremely relaxing and can help reduce stress, it also gives you a creative outlet without being overwhelmed with the “blank page” syndrome. This 101 animals adult coloring book is perfect to sit in front of the fire (or TV) and just express yourself. The best part? You don’t have to be an artist. You just get to enjoy the process.