Learn to Love Yourself

If I say the phrase “self love,” what comes to mind for you?

Do you imagine a bubble bath, candles, massages, and other sort of cliched images?

Or do you think deeply about how you actually love yourself, and what you do to show yourself love?

February is the month of Valentine’s Day and while we’re going to talk about loving others, I know how important it is to love ourselves!

Self-love starts with action. Showing ourselves appreciation and working to support our physical, psychological, and even spiritual growth.

A fantastic article by Dr. Deborah Khoshaba, Psy.D shows us how to care better for ourselves, including: 

  • Becoming more mindful
  • Setting boundaries
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Living intentionally
  • And more

How can you put her recommendations into actual practice?

You pick up the great Self Love Workbook by Dr. Shainna Ali.

Boost Your Self-Esteem and Recognize Your Worth

A key to not only a great Third Age but just a great life is learning how to love yourself.

If you’ve always struggled with that, or even if it’s just gotten harder as you’ve gotten older, then it’s time to take some action.

With this great workbook (it even comes in a spiral binding), you can follow the various activities and prompts to actually work towards your self love.

Saying that you need to set boundaries and learn to be more mindful; actually doing it takes a bit of practice.

A Powerful Tool to Get Your Life Back

Many of the thousands of five star reviews mention how amazing this workbook is, even if you’re already in therapy or coaching of some kind.

Reviewers mention that it’s especially great for those women who have grown children and helping them to find value outside of their families again or getting yourself out of a rut.

We all have our down days and seasons. But if you’re ready to love yourself again and work towards a more fulfilling life, then you’ll absolutely want to grab this workbook and get started.