7 Clever Storage Ideas for When You Downsize

Chances are, like me, you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I recently moved to a new place over the summer and took the chance to downsize a bit.


Let me tell you – it felt amazing!


Whether you’re just looking for less house to take care of or you’re thinking about moving overseas, you’ll want to make a smaller space go further (and get rid of those things you don’t need anymore!).


I scoured the best storage and small space ideas to help you make the most of your space.

over the door pantry organizer

Get More with Behind-the-Door Storage

Moving into a space without a large pantry? Not a problem! With this over-the-door solution, you can maximize that dead space. It’s easy to assemble and waterproof and rust-proof, so you can use it in your kitchen or in your bathroom. I love that it can hold everything from spice bottles to jam jars to sachets and even vitamins or bathroom supplies.

Use This Ottoman for Extra Seating and Storage

Putting your feet up at the end of the day is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Even better? This beautiful ottoman from Homepop doubles as a storage solution for those annoying accessories that otherwise get in the way. Plus, it has a 250lb capacity so it can be used for extra seating when you have a few loved ones over. It comes in a variety of gorgeous colors to fit your style.

drawer organizers

Organize Your Drawers with These Foldable Organizers

I hate to break it to you, but chances are you’ve been putting clothes in your dresser wrong for years. You’ve probably wasted a lot of space that could’ve been utilized. But no worries – I’ve found the perfect drawer organizers to help you get more out of your dresser. These foldable organizers will help you finally get a handle on that sock and underwear drawer and fit more in your space. They come in a variety of sizes for anything you might need.

Let No Space Go to Waste with Underbed Storage

No matter how high your bed is, these underbed storage containers from StorageLab will work great to store your out-of-season clothes or extra vacation wear. With a large capacity, double secure zippers, and a nice look, you’ll be able to safely store things without it being an eyesore on your floor. Fit more than 20 articles of clothing and get them when needed with the convenient handles.

underbed storage storagelab
songmics over toilet storage

Add Easy Storage in Your Bathroom

When you downsize, you might have a smaller bathroom than you were used to. Get more out of the dead vertical space with this Songmics over-the-toilet bamboo bathroom organizer. Available in 6 shades to match your decor, this shelf adds 3 shelves of space to your bathroom and fills the awkward space. Pair it with some cute fabric bins (below), and you can have a lot of things in one small space.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind with Storage Bins

Foldable cloth storage baskets are a great way to keep all those little things out of the way but still within reach. Grab these cubes in a variety of colors and use them throughout your home to organize those things that feel unorganizable. Plus, they fold flat when they’re not in use to not take up valuable space.

sunnypoint storage bin
life story stackable container

Protect Your Valuables in Storage

Sometimes with downsizing you don’t want to get rid of precious memories, but you also don’t have the space for it. Or, if you choose to move overseas you’ll often have to plan to put a lot in storage. I’ve heard too many horror stories about friends losing their belongings to mice and water damage. So make sure you upgrade from the cardboard boxes and go with these stackable, waterproof storage containers! They have snap-on lids for extra protection and are stackable to make the most of your storage space.