5 Favorite Accessories For Healthy Travel

Taking a trip can be mentally stimulating, improve your stress levels, boost your moods, and just improve your overall outlook on life.

Why aren’t you traveling more?

Of course, travel can also be hard on our bodies and it can feel difficult to maintain healthy habits.

You can stay fit while you travel and still have a good time! We’ve gathered our favorite accessories to help you travel – healthily.

quest chocolate chip cookie

Pack in Healthy Protein and Fiber

One of Nerd Fitness’s biggest tips to eating healthy? Make sure you’re getting healthy protein and fiber in your day. Make it tasty and easy with these Quest Nutrition chocolate chip cookies. They’re packed with 21g of protein and 12g of fiber to keep you full (and regular). You’ll get the delicious taste of a cookie, too, without the guilt! These are perfect to throw in your bag for an afternoon pick-me-up and avoid something unhealthy.

Take a Healthy Lunch On the Go

Want to plan ahead a bit? Take a healthy lunch or meal with you on the go with this travel cooler. Even better? It’s a backpack to make transportation super easy! This Maelstrom cooler backpack is the perfect road trip companion. It’s leak proof and insulated and its thicker padded back and straps helps reduce the strain. Change it into a hiking backpack and pack your lunch for the trail. Easy!

cooler backpack maelstrom
techstone resistance bands

Build Up Your Strength on the Go

Want to keep up with strength training while you travel? Resistance bands are the perfect way to add some strength-training into your routine without the intimidation. These bands come in different levels so you can work your way up and start seeing some pretty cool results. Plus, they work to target different muscle groups!

Give Yourself a Workout Space

A big barrier to working out while traveling? There’s “nowhere” to do a workout. Grab this large yoga mat from HemingWeigh. It’s extra thick which is perfect for a variety of flooring and gives you a dedicated spot to do some of your hotel-focused workouts. You’ll love how lightweight it is and how easy it is to take with you thanks to the carrying strap.

hemingweigh mat
1above tablets

Keep Up Your Energy with 1Above

Jetlag and just spending time on planes and in airports can zap you. Boost your energy and your immunity with 1Above’s anti-jet lag drink. This tablet dissolves in water to give you a boost when you travel. Trusted by pilots and flight attendants, it’s the perfect solution to kick off your vacation on the best possible foot. Just take on your flight and on your first couple of days and you’ll feel amazing.