The Gear You Need to Adventure Travel

It’s time to get out on an adventure!

Have you been putting off exploring new places? I’m declaring 2023 my time to travel.

While traveling more often – and especially going on more active adventures – can take a lot out of you, you can do a lot to be prepared for your trips.

That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite travel gear for active adventures and to keep you traveling safely, too.

light my fire travel spork

Eat Anywhere with This Travel Spork

Whether you’re going camping, on a long bike tour, or simply heading to a new country, we love this travel spork. Recommended by Backroads Travel, this spoon-knife-fork combo from Light My Fire makes eating on the go simple. Not only can it help you eat healthy on the go, but it can help you reduce waste, too. This four pack is all you’ll need on your next adventure!

trail buddy trekking poles

Walk Anywhere Easily with the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Do you love the idea of hikes but worry about getting tired on the trail? Make your walks easier (and even get a bit of an upper-body workout in!) with these trekking poles. Collapsible and adjustable, these walking poles will fit in your backpack. At only 1.3 pounds, they’re super easy to carry, too. With moisture wicking handles and secure grips, these will quickly become your favorite trail accessory. Plus, they even come in a variety of colors to showcase your personality!

columbia hiking boots

Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable

You might not expect rain on your next adventure, but you’ll always want to be prepared with a good waterproof shoe. These hiking boots from Columbia are lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re dragging your feet, but they’re also waterproof and have an advanced traction sole to keep you steady. Reviews not only mention how dry they keep your feet, but how comfortable they are. Even if you’re just walking around a city, you’ll want to grab a pair of these boots for both the guys and the gals.

champion packable jacket

Use This Packable Jacket to Stay Warm

Sometimes it’s chilly in the morning when you hit the trail but it heats up throughout the day. Or, when you’re cycling, you can work up a sweat but get the gnarly downhill wind coming at you. Wherever your adventure takes you, you can stay warm and keep that chill wind off you with this packable jacket from Champion. Lightweight and packable into its own zipper pocket, this wind and water resistant jacket will be your favorite travel tool.

Dress for Dinner Wrinkle Free

Just because you’re out having fun doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to eat somewhere lovely for dinner. Packing some wrinkle-free clothes can be the perfect solution to not having to carry a ton (and worry about an iron) but still feeling comfortable in that nice restaurant. We love these wrinkle-free shirts for men from Geek Lighting and this long-sleeve dress (with pockets!) for the ladies.