Live Your Adventure with Backroads Travel

I hear too many people say things like they’re “too old” to travel.

You know what, that’s simply not true!

I’ve been lucky to join my kids on trips to both France and Rome in the last year. Would either destination have been my first choice? Maybe not but I loved them!

There’s a lot of reasons to travel, but even a three day vacation can drastically lower your stress levels (even after the vacation ends!). In fact, traveling abroad can make you more open-minded, emotionally stable, and keep you active.

If you want to see the world and do it while being active, let me introduce you to the amazing Backroads Travel.

Adventure Tours with 43 Years of Experience

Founded in 1979 by Tom Hale, Backroads Travel is an active travel company. Offering thousands of scheduled departures each year, they take you on amazing adventures that include biking, multi-adventure, walking and hiking, and even family and private trips.

While it began as a small regional bike touring company, Backroads now offers trips to over 64 countries around the world.

Find Your Next Adventure Easily

One thing I love about the Backroads Travel website is that it’s super easy to get ideas for your next trip. 

Whether you want to travel with them or not, you can search their destinations, activities, ideal dates, and even if you want to travel with groups or organize your own private travel adventure. Using their handy search on their homepage, you can find a lot of great ideas for your next trip.

We also love that Backroads travels responsibly to minimize your impact on the environment and your destination.

Explore Travel Secrets from Backroads

My favorite part of the Backroads Travel website? Their blog!

Filled with amazing articles that provide you ideas for trips from everything from discovering waterfalls, to the best hikes in Italy, to even the benefits of using an E-bike for your trip.

You can explore Expert Advice, or filter by the types of destinations you’re itching to travel to.

I seriously got sucked into all of the amazing ideas and even books and travel gear they recommended!

Grab a Free 2023 Catalog

If you love to search through a more analog method, you can even request a free 2023 catalog from Backroads.

See gorgeous images and discover the types of trips you can take through their service. Use it as a vision board or to book your trip with Backroads!

Choose the type of catalog you want and the type of vacation you’re looking to take – biking, walking and hiking, or multi-adventure.

The Best Vacations Keep You Active

This is not the time to slow down. It’s the perfect time to get active and enjoy your Third Age while seeing amazing new places.

It’s great to sit on a beach, but add a bicycle tour to that. Or even an easy walk around the town you’re visiting! Whatever you do, take this as your sign to get out and explore in 2023. Actively!