A Holistic Solution Trusted by Over 50,000 Men

Can we get a bit candid today?

We’re all about sexual health in our Third Age this week, and the unfortunate reality is that a lot of men struggle with theirs the older they get.

That doesn’t mean you have to succumb to age or start popping a lot of pills. There are other, healthier options that allow you to get a better solution for your “manhood.”

Meet Rock Hard Science’s Phoenix Pro

Using clinical strength acoustic wave therapy, the Phoenix Pro is of the most effective, holistic treatments available for men. The Phoenix Pro is an at-home, medical grade device distributed by physicians and created by one of the nation’s best Urologists – Dr. Bruce Sloane. 

Dr. Sloane is a specialist in Men’s Health and Age Management medicine. He’s helped his patients take control of their aging, increasing their health span and enjoy a higher quality life.

As a Urologist, he’s helped his patients using acoustic soundwave machines, but they were big, bulky, and expensive. As technology caught up, he was able to create the Phoenix Pro. Technology that was once only available in a doctor’s office can now be used at home on your own time and at your own discretion.

How It Helps

Acoustic wave therapy delivers sound waves along the surface of the skin with a guided treatment, breaking up plaque in the existing blood vessels and helping you to form new ones. Overall it, the Phoenix Pro helps:

  • Amplify blood flow
  • Enhance rigidity
  • Repairs sensitivity
  • Reduces refractory time
  • May knock out the need for pills
  • Transforms you from “grower” to “shower”

A Non-Invasive, Holistic Solution

One thing we like about this product is that it’s not a pill, it’s not invasive, and it touts no side effects. In fact, it’s pain free and there’s no downtime, so you can test it out on the same day of treatments. 😉

It does have a higher investment upfront, but that’s a one time cost and your treatment is guided by one of Rock Hard Science’s physicians. There’s really nothing to lose!