Can You Drink Less in 7 Days?

Have you noticed over the last year, through COVID shutdowns and social distancing, that  you’re drinking more than you used to be?

In fact, studies show that alcohol consumption increased by 14% among adults over 30, but there was a 41% increase in women’s heavy drinking.

Does this sound like you? 

If you’re following along in our 15 day Thriving Challenge, you’ll notice that decreasing our alcohol intake started a couple of days ago. While so many experts and others will tell you that if you think you have an issue with alcohol that you need to cut it out altogether – there is a middle ground.

7 Days to Drink Less

Clinical hypnotherapist Georgia Foster offers an approach that helps you cut down your alcohol intake by half. And the best part? You can do it in just 7 days!

She offers a program you can do from home that allows you to work through managing your alcohol intake and get to guilt-free drinking.

Within her program, she’ll help you learn healthier coping strategies, stop the sneaky and guilt-ridden drinking, improve your sober self-esteem, and the base understanding for why you drink the way you do currently.

Benefits of Drinking Less

We love that Foster doesn’t look at drinking as an all or nothing thing. After all, there’s a time and a place for a good drink with friends or a beer after a long day.

But excessive drinking can lead to some issues. What are some of the benefits you’ll see with drinking less?

  • Say goodbye to hangovers!
  • End the feeling you need to quit drinking all at once
  • No need to feel guilt or shame for your drinking
  • Get rid of your beer belly and lose weight 

Plus, drinking less means you’ll have more energy, a clearer head, and the ability to get out and be active and do the other things you love!

Does this Program Work?

We know that this approach may not be for everyone. And that’s OK! But this program walks you through seven steps in seven days, easily! We think it’s a great start for anyone that wants to take some control over their alcohol consumption.

Plus, with Foster’s 22 years of experience and thousands of great reviews, we think it’s definitely worth exploring to see if it’s the right program for you.