A No B-S Approach to Staying Healthy

Corinne Crabtree isn’t your typical fitness influencer. She’s not in her 20s with rock-hard abs and unobtainable muscle definition. She doesn’t post hundreds of gym selfies to show off how often she lifts or even the food she makes.

No, Corinne is a “normal” woman who happens to have lost 100 pounds and now helps others learn to get healthier. Her straight-talk style and occasional profanity has endeared her to her thousands of followers despite the fact that she’s in her 40s and not the typical social media star.

Her Issues with Food Started Young

Like so many others, a lot of Corinne’s issues started with a more turbulent childhood and the convenience of fast food. In an interview with the Tennessean, Corinne details how they often ate a drive-thru meal in the car on the way to school or to another babysitter. Her favorite was the Big Cookie that came with the Hardee’s kids meal. 

Corinne was one of the heaviest kids in her school and remembers her years of being bullied for her size. Boys would call her names. Girls would tell her that she would never have a boyfriend because of her size. Her grandfather, in an attempt to be sweet and loving, would take her to the store to get a snack every day when she came home upset after a day of being tortured. That connected in her brain that to feel better, food would help.

In high school, Corinne lost a little weight but not healthfully. She developed ulcers and depression, her weight fluctuating. Things built until she tried to take her own life at the end of her senior year of high school. While she started therapy after high school, Corinne continued to struggle with her weight and self-image.

Losing Weight Was a Mindset Shift

After having her first child with her husband, Corinne knew she wanted to make real, lasting change. That part had always been the hardest for her, but she knew that she didn’t want to start anything else unless she could see herself doing it for the rest of her life. It was a lifestyle change, not a diet.

While it took her about 18 months to lose her weight, she approached it in a sustainable way, developing new habits and putting thoughts into the habits she wanted, the life she wanted to live. It’s been 15 years since then, and she enjoys the fact that she’s been in “maintenance mode” that long.

That’s one thing we absolutely love about Corinne’s story. She doesn’t preach crash diets, hardcore workouts, or anything out of reach. Even though she lost her weight in her 30s, she’s teaching men and women of all ages to get and be healthier through small, easy habit shifts. She preaches eating more real food, getting plenty of water, and getting your 7-8 hours of sleep. Plus, her own workout routine includes several days of walks with some lifting and heavier cardio mixed in. That’s attainable for anyone!

Even though Corinne isn’t in her third age yet, we know her advice works to help people of any age. It can be as simple as getting out and enjoying a refreshing walk (and there’s even tools that can help make that easier!) and improving your overall relationship with food. We love her no-bullshit approach and think you will, too!

Pssst, check out her podcast. It makes for some great listening!