At-Home Boxing Gear You’ll Love

Boxing doesn’t have to be a workout that scares you. In fact, a good boxing fitness workout doesn’t involve hitting other people at all, but focuses on building muscle and cardiovascular health.

Adding boxing to your weekly fitness routine will not only improve your overall strength (including core and functional), but improves your balance and hand-eye coordination as well.

While you can hit a heavy bag – which helps with strength training – you can also decrease the impact on your joints and bones with shadow boxing.

If you’ve been looking for a workout routine you like (and that helps relieve stress), you might just want to try boxing.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered some essential gear you’ll need.

large exercise mat

Get a Mini-Gym with This Large Exercise Mat

Exercise mats don’t just have to be used for yoga. If you want to workout on a smooth surface and ease the impact on your knees, then you’ll love this workout mat. At 6 feet by 4 feet, this huge surface lets you have plenty of space to move during your workout. It rolls back up for easier storage and only weighs 4lbs so you can easily take it outside for some sun and fresh air when you want!

Shadow Box and Build Muscle

If you don’t want to hit an actual bag but you do want to build some muscle, these hand weights are perfect! From 1 to 8 lbs, these weights are molded with the perfect grip for your hands. They’ll mimic the weight of boxing gloves and help you to improve the strength-training part of your workout. Start small – you’ll be surprised at how much this works your body!
Shadow boxing weights
hand wraps for boxing

Protect and Wrap Your Hands

If you want to actually hit a punching bag, you’ll need to protect your hands. Don’t bother with learning to do the fancy wrapping. Instead, these quick long wrist straps will protect your punch in just a few seconds. They include a padded fist (perfect for extra protection under your gloves) and wrap around wrist support to keep you protected. Use them with shadow boxing to help focus your punches or get prepped to hit the heavy bag.

Get Ready to Punch with These Gloves

If you want to actually do any kind of bag-contact boxing, you’re going to need to protect your hands and wrists. Make it easy with these ventilated gloves from RDX. The convenient velcro closure makes them super easy to put on yourself. Plus, you’ll be able to form a better fist and posture due to the grip bar in the upper palm and better distribute the impact. Plus, they’re pretty stylish if you do choose to join a local class near you.

rdx boxing gloves
Inflatable boxing bag

Work Out Your Stress

One of the best things about boxing for fitness? It’s a great stress-reducer! Get a bit more out of your workout with this heavy punching bag. This inflatable punching bag has its own stand so you can use it anywhere in your home. It also folds up for easy storage so it’s not always just hanging in the middle of your entertainment space. It’s a great entry product for your new boxing routine.