5 Exciting Date Night Activities

When was the last time you and your significant other went out on a proper date?

Dating isn’t just for when you’re trying to meet someone new. In fact, “dating” your long-term significant other can help you to boost your connection, build up your emotional “bank account,” give you time to talk about your relationship, and just have fun together.

Date nights don’t have to be the same old dinner and a movie either. In fact, it can help to switch it up and do something different.

So, grab one of these fun date night ideas and then turn your phone to DND and get ready to connect!

date night ideas cards

Generate Date Night Ideas

If you struggle with ideas for what you want to do together, then grab this fun box full of 52 unique ideas. All you need to do is grab one of the cards from the box and start planning your evening. All of them are unique and include fun things like flying a kite, trying out an escape room, or just exploring your local area. You’ll start getting lots more fun ideas to make your nights together memorable!

Make S’mores Indoors

Winter isn’t the best time to sit outside for hours, even around a big fire. Bring the fun of summer indoors with this super fun electric s’mores maker! This flameless heater makes this a super easy activity. No chopping wood or smoky smells! Plus, it comes with roasting forks, a caddy to keep everything you need, and it’s easy to clean. Enjoy a good chat or maybe a movie and some delicious treats!

smores maker
adventure challenge date night book

Go on Adventures Together

We love doing something fun and different, so make it easy to be spontaneous with The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition. This scratch-off book includes 50 exciting dates that you have to scratch off to discover what you’ll be doing. Make it more fun by sticking to the “once you’ve scratched it off, you have to do it” rule! Grab your phone to take pictures and document your fun night in the provided spaces. Yes, this adventure book doubles as a scrapbook and journal!

Take Jenga Up a Notch with this Giant Set

Even if you’re not much for board games, it’s hard not to love playing with this giant tumble tower. This tower starts at 2.1 feet tall and can grow to over 4 feet while you play. It lets you play with a bit more of an “edge” to the game that takes the stakes a bit higher. Not too large that you have to play it in the yard, this is perfect for a night you want to get a little competitive.

giant tumble tower
popcorn set

Add Some Magic to Home Movie Nights

There’s nothing better than curling up under a blanket, on a comfy couch, your partner, and a good movie. Bring some of the magic of the theater home with this movie night popcorn set. It includes 3 popcorn kernel packs and 5 popcorn seasoning options to let you get just the snack you want.