Keep Your Sex Drive Alive in Your Third Age

We spoke to Susan Bratton back in 2021 about the importance of intimacy and passion, no matter your age.

Now that it’s Valentine’s season, we thought this was a great time to take another look at her great work.

Susan is a champion (and advocate) for those who want to keep that passion and intimacy alive throughout their entire lives.

Just because we’re in our Third Age doesn’t mean that time of our life has to be “over!”

Susan is also realistic in that our health can often change a bit as we age and that we may need to take some action in order to increase our sexual health and even desire.

We love this video she did back in 2020 where she talks about this very issue and the supplements she offers to help make it possible.

Refuse to Age Vitality Supplements

We already shared Susan’s Flow, nitric oxide supplement, with you before. But she has some other incredible options to support your health and libido.

desire tongkat ali

DESIRE with Tongkat Ali

Looking for more vigor and libido? DESIRE with Tongkat Ali was created with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need from a daily supplement, with the addition of 300mg of Tongkat Ali extract per serving. Try taking this supplement first, for 90 days, to begin supporting your energy, immunity, and libido for a better intimate relationship. Best when both partners are taking it together.

DESIRE with Fenugreek

Add extra energy and “zing” to your life with DESIRE with Fenugreek. With the same complex multivitamin and multi-minerals that you need, it is the perfect daily supplement that also gives you that intimate energy boost you’ve been looking for. Take it in a cycle with her other two supplements and find the one that works best for you and your partner.

The 20 Fenugreek hero
The 20 Tribulus Hero

DESIRE with Tribulus

Want to increase your intensity? Created with all the essential B-complex vitamins and the addition of other vitamins and minerals, plus Tribulus Terrestris extract, you’ll get increased support for your hormones, libido, insulin, cholesterol, and immune function. It’s the addition of Tribulus that gives you that extra bit of intensity you may have been looking for in your life. It can even have a powerful effect on your heart health and blood sugar levels.