Cook Healthy at Home

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’d all like to live longer, healthier lives. Most of us understand that living a healthy life comes down to what we cook, but that doesn’t mean we always enjoy cooking at home.

Cooking at home isn’t just about the standard physical benefits we would think about either. In fact, cooking has been shown to sharpen your mind, fight cognitive decline, and decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

While you might want to grab some new delicious recipes to try, you’ll also need some equipment to help you cook those meals in the healthiest way possible.

We’ve gathered our favorite items to help you put together healthy, tasty meals and make it easy.

Hamilton Beach Steamer

Steam Your Dinner

Steaming your vegetables and fish can be a great way to cook and lock in all of the nutrients. You can prepare your own steamable dinners with this 2 compartment steam from Hamilton Beach. This versatile, stackable 2-tier steamer allows you to cook multiple foods at once for quick and easy meal solutions. It even includes a rice basket for rice and small foods.

Cook Up Breakfast for a Crowd

Whether you’re feeding the whole family or having a few friends over for brunch, we love this electric griddle. It includes a warming tray to keep all of your food evenly heated while you cook more. The drip tray collects fat and juices for healthier cooking and you can easily adjust the temperature dial for what you’ll need. It’s perfect for healthy, indoor cooking!

Bella Electric Griddle
Ninja Air Fryer

Make it Easy with This Air Fryer

If you haven’t tried an air fryer yet, you’re missing out! This miracle machine from Ninja can crips, roast, reheat, and dehydrate for some of the most delicious meals. I can cook everything in an air fryer – from roast veggies to even delicious steaks. It’s super easy to use and there are tons of healthy recipes to make in your air fryer. We love that this 4 quart option from Ninja will fit perfectly on your countertop and has 40,000+ 5 star reviews. You can’t beat it!

Grill Safely Indoors

If you love the taste of fresh food off the grill, you don’t have to give that up just because it’s cold! This indoor electric grill from Hamilton Beach is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite grilled foods all year long. It includes a removable non-stick grate for easy cleaning and a viewing window so you can keep an eye while it cooks. Lock in those nutrients easily!
Indoor Grill
Bentgo Meal Prep Containers

Save Your Leftovers Easily

One of the best ways to stick to a healthy diet, especially when you’re cooking for fewer people, is to meal prep! Intentionally make a bit extra and just reheat those leftovers throughout the week to have convenient, healthy meals right in the fridge. Make that super easy with these 3 compartment meal prep containers. They’re dishwasher safe and durable so you can use them for any kind of food you might be preparing.