Get 100 Healthy Recipes from The Blue Zone

Get 100 Healthy Recipes from The Blue Zone

I love a delicious meal! There’s something so comforting about good food that just makes those winter blues fade away.

I also know that what I eat has a pretty big impact on my overall health and even how I’m feeling in my Third Age. 

We’ve talked about Dan Buettner and The Blue Zones before, but he’s recently released a brand new book of recipes from everything he’s learned and I couldn’t wait to get it!

This beautiful book is my new go-to for cooking and I think you’ll love The Blue Zones American Kitchen, too.

Discovering the Recipe for Longevity

The founder and author of The Blue Zones, Dan’s goal is to help us all live better, longer.

Dan traveled the globe to find the secrets behind the longest-living communities. Along with a team of researchers, he’s traveled from Costa Rica to Sardinia, Italy, to Okinawa, Japan and beyond to uncover the secrets of longevity and healthy living.

While he compiled his findings into his first book, he’s brought those foods and ingredients into this new recipe book The Blue Zones American Kitchen.

100 Recipes to Live to 100

I love this book because it’s simply gorgeous! With big, beautiful images, I can thumb through and find healthy, delicious recipes from over 50 food experts, chefs, and cooks around the country.

While much of this book involves plant-forward recipes, they’re not your traditional vegetarian options. These traditional and revolutionary vegetarian recipes include options from Dutch apple dumplings to delicious zucchini pupusas. There are quite literally options for almost any style of cuisine you could want.

The recipes are super easy to make and fun to create, too!

Create Your Own Blue Zone at Home

While you don’t need to eat every recipe in this book every night, it is a great way to create a healthier lifestyle and be your own Blue Zone.

Living healthily to 100 and beyond doesn’t have to be full of boring, unsatisfactory foods, which Dan proves with this cookbook.

I love how easy the recipes are to follow, how much the pictures help, and even the bits of great and interesting information Dan throws in throughout the cookbook.

Grab it today and it just might be your new favorite cookbook like it is mine!