Train Your Mind & Body with Fencing

You know that I love talking about physical fitness and its ability to help us age our best. While we covered some of my favorites like cycling and hiking to unconventional options like boxing, perhaps none are as unique as fencing.

Fencing is not just about staying fit. While fencing is shown to increase your coordination and balance, it also works your brain and can help reduce stress and improve your focus.

You’re probably wondering at this point “This is great Cat, but how do you get started with all of this?”

If you want to learn more about fencing and get started near you, USA Fencing has a great website we think you should check out!

Fencing 101

What I love about the idea of fencing is that it can quite literally be a great option for anyone – no matter their age! 

Fencing has been around for generations, and is actually one of only five sports that’s been featured at every summer Olympic Games since 1896.

If you’re interested in learning the basics of fencing – including the weapons and the glossary of terms – then you’ll want to dive into USA Fencing’s Fencing 101 section.

In their website, you can learn about the foil, saber, and what it means when you advance, attack, and feint.

(Doesn’t that just sound like a blast?)

The Basics of Fencing

If you want to learn the basics of fencing, including what some of the terminology is and what it all looks like, you’ll want to watch this video. Olympic fencers Race Imboden and Miles Chamley-Watson demonstrate three fencing fundamentals.

Find a Fencing Club Near You

If you want to get started with fencing, the best thing you can do is find a club near you.

Thankfully, USA Fencing makes that easy for us yet again by providing a handy club search feature on their website.

All you have to do is search by your state and you’ll get a member clubs near you! I recommend setting the Club Type to Social unless you think you might want to compete at some point. It’s definitely best for beginners who want a less stressful environment.

Your First Fencing Class

What might you expect when you show up to your first fencing class? While every club is going to be a little different, you’ll spend your first class going over the protective gear and safety precautions. You’ll also warm up and stretch before any class because fencing actually works quite a bit more of your muscles than you’d expect!

Before you ever bout with any other students, you’ll often be led through a series of movements so you learn the basics and work on putting those moves together.

Take a Fencing Class for Your Health

If you found yourself wanting to be Errol Flynn or Inigo Montoya in your younger years, you might already be signing up for a fencing class. But for those of you who might be a bit more skeptical, remember that fencing can be really beneficial for your overall health.

I particularly love that it literally works your mind and body at the same time! 

When you’re ready, grab some of our favorite beginner’s fencing gear and sign up for your first class.

En garde!