Belly Dance Your Way to Fitness

As we get older, it’s no secret that staying active and maintaining our physical fitness becomes increasingly important. We know that here because we talk about it all of the time! While traditional forms of exercise are popular among older adults, there is another activity that is gaining popularity for its unique ability to improve fitness and promote a sense of empowerment: belly dancing. 

Despite its reputation as a sensual dance, belly dancing is actually a low-impact form of exercise that can have significant health benefits for those in their Third Age. There are many ways in which belly dancing can help improve your fitness, boost your confidence, and enhance your overall well-being in your 50s and beyond.

If belly dancing has ever been a thought (or if we have your attention now!), then you’ll want to grab Belly Dancing for Fitness.

A Dance Workout That Lets You Get Creative

Chances are that you struggle to make it to the gym because it feels like the same thing day after day.

Break out of that fitness rut with something just super fun that allows you to fuel your mind along with your body!

Belly dancing can help you tap into your spirituality alongside with getting better in touch with your body. This healthy aerobic workout lets you add the fun of dancing and spice it up with exotic music and the twirl of silk.

With her book Belly Dancing for Fitness, author Tamalyn Dallal shows you how you can take the traditional belly dancing techniques and turn them into a fitness routine that can be as easy and fulfilling as yoga.

She’ll show you how to do the moves, the back bends, poses, and stretches and even synchronize your breathing to the movement to join your mind and body. She’ll even walk you through the essential items you’ll need to belly dance.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Belly Dancing

When you choose something like belly dancing for your fitness routine (even if it’s just once or twice a week), you’re adding in an activity that’s great for your balance and flexibility. But belly dancing in its ability to connect you more closely with your body can be incredibly empowering!

The many 5 star reviews of Belly Dancing for Fitness love how much fun the workout is and how easy the book is to follow from page one.

Dallal will show you the health and physical benefits of belly dancing alongside the basic moves, terminology, and pictures for everything she covers.

Reviewers mention that this book is imperative even when you’re joining a community class!

If you want a fun new workout that empowers you and lifts you up – along with keeping you in shape – it might be time to grab Belly Dancing for Fitness.