Shimmy in Style: Must-Have Belly Dancing Items for Your Dance Wardrobe

Have you always wanted to belly dance but didn’t know where to start or what to wear? Or, have you been nervous that you’d have to wear a traditional Bedlah (skirt and bra) costume?

While there are some traditional components and items that you’ll use in a belly dancing class, the beauty of belly dancing is that you get to make it your own! Belly dancing is all about connecting your body and your mind and expressing yourself in a way that you feel empowered.

We put together some must-have belly dancing items to spruce up your wardrobe and your fun!

wekioobon belly dance scarf

Grab an Essential Belly Dancing Hip Scarf

More than the Bedlah costumes, you probably associate belly dancing with these jingling hip scarfs. Perfect for wearing over anything – dress or leggings – this hip scarf has a great voice to bring music while you shake and dance. It’s got an adjustable size to fit everyone and comes in several gorgeous colors. You might even want to order a few options to have on hand!

Add a Chiffon Hand Scarf

Another way to get the belly dancing look without going for the full outfit is to add a hand scarf to your dance. This semicircle chiffon hand scarf allows you to use it to express yourself and use it as a dancing tool. You’ll be able to work on some different moves and add some variety to your workout. These come in several beautiful colors and are lined with a gold sequin trim to make you feel gorgeous (even if you’re just dancing at home).

Practice in Comfort with These Harem Pants

When it comes to dancing – and especially belly dancing – there’s just something about the swish that makes it come alive in a totally different way. Get that swish and that feeling of movement without the skirts with these harem pants. Stretchy and soft, these wide-leg pants are perfect for dancing in style and comfort.

Add Some Jangle to Your Wrists

Belly dancing involves a lot of arm movement. Add some music to your moves with these stretchy bangles! This set comes with 10 pairs so you can change up your look depending on how you’re feeling and these bands are made of stretchable elastic to fit everyone. The coins add a beautiful sound to your dancing.

belly dance wrist cuff

Grab a Full Belly Dancing Outfit

You know that you want to dance and feel beautiful doing it! Take your belly dancing up a notch with this gorgeous 3 piece outfit. It includes a crop top, hip scarf, and a split skirt to give you the full effect of your dancing. I love this gorgeous blue, but it comes in 8 different colors to allow you to fully express yourself. And hey, we won’t tell if you only wear it at home.