Grab the Gear for Your Fencing Class

It might seem like an odd way to get a workout in, but joining a fencing class can actually be great for your long-term health. In fact, fencing isn’t just great for your physical health. It can literally help you battle cognitive decline!

Researchers have found that fencing, where you’re constantly moving and adapting to changes around you, might help you counteract age-related breakdowns in learning, memory, and processing speeds.

Keeping our minds younger? Yes please!

If you’re ready to find a fencing class near you and give it a try, you’ll want to grab some essential gear for your new hobby. We’ve done the research so you can just hit that add to cart button and be ready for your first class.

Leaonark fencing mask

Start with a Fencing Mask

It’s likely that a club you join will have masks you can use, but if COVID taught us anything, it’s that germs spread easily. If you find yourself wanting to go to a class on a regular basis, you’ll want your own fencing mask. This fencing mask from Leonark comes in three colors and multiple sizes to fit you and your personality perfectly. It’s a CE standard mask for daily practice and flexible to adjust to your needs.

Grab Some Anti-Slip Gloves

You’ll be shocked at how sweaty your hands can get while you’re working out. Keep a firm grip (and protect your health) with these padded fencing gloves. These gloves are super durable, with a leather layer at the wrist to add durability and strength. Plus, these are easy to wash and keep hygienic and smelling great.

Harilla fencing target

Practice at Home with This Target

You’ll be surprised at how fast you’re going to fall in love with fencing. In order to beat your classmates, you’re going to want to get some practice at home. Make that easy with this wall mounted fencing target. It includes five targets to work on your self-training. It’s also portable so you can move it around your home, garage, or even backyard. Plus, this target is leather with a shockproof foam pad, so it’s durable to last longer.

Carry All the Essentials in This Duffle Bag

Want a durable bag to take things back and forth to your class? This duffle bag is perfect! It comes in multiple colors and sizes to fit your gear and stand out on the sidelines so you’ll never lose it. It’s durable to keep from tearing with a construction-grade double-slider zipper to make sure it opens and shuts perfectly every time. This duffle will be perfect not just for your fencing class, but your go-to gym bag.

north star duffle bag
fencers start up guide book

Study Fencing Theories at Home

If you’re the competitive type, you might want to consider grabbing the Fencer’s Start-Up. Not only does it have a comprehensive reference guide to all the terminology and theories you’ll need to understand, it also breaks down tips on safety, etiquette and technique. You’ll find yourself excelling past your classmates in no time!