Build a Positive Lifestyle with Healthy Aging Magazine

I’m all about finding resources to help me live my best Third Age and I absolutely love sharing them with you!

One of my newest discoveries? Healthy Aging Magazine

Chock full of resources for us active adults, they cater to those of us who don’t feel “old” but know we have so much life left.

Answering the “What’s Next” Question

Healthy Aging Magazine – and their platform as a whole – aims to provide positive lifestyle information. They don’t want their readers to think about what they can’t do, but rather what they can! Part of that is learning to take more personal responsibility for their own healthcare and how they can age successfully.

It’s not all about health either. I love that you can find articles covering physical and mental health but also social and financial well-being. Dive into their many articles covering travel, food, health, lifestyle, sports, fitness, and so much more!

I can get lost in their website for hours finding new, amazing recipes, insights, inspiring stories, and books to read.

(And psst, they even talk about how pickleball could add years to your life!)

Eco-Friendly Digital Subscription

Want to get the entire magazine each quarter? Sign up for their digital subscription! They release a new issue 4 times a year and they’re totally worth the small $24.95 fee. You’ll even get your own login to the Healthy Aging site to get access to the full issue at any time.

Don’t want to spend money? Jump onto their newsletter instead for some fantastic updates and content.

This is my new favorite daily reading. I know you’ll love the positivity of what healthy aging can look like, too!