Creating the Habits We Want with the Self Journal

This month we’ve been all about creating healthy habits – both physical and mental. After all, if we want to create the Third Age we want, we have to work for it!

Since our 15 day challenge wrapped up, we thought it would be good to explore how we might take those daily challenges and how we can turn them into long-lasting habits! After all, we’re never too old to work towards our goals or learn new tricks.

Make Creating Healthy Habits Easier

While it might feel like an uphill battle to work on developing new, healthier habits, it’s totally doable and worth it! That’s why we love the SELF Journal. It’s an undated, 13 week planning and habit tracking productivity journal that’s designed to help you crush your goals.

This planner features a daily progress tracker, daily gratitude acknowledgment to encourage positivity, and a weekly habit tracker to stick to the things you want to achieve. Each page is built to help you be successful, with a priorities organizer, space for reflection, daily and big-picture goals, and success techniques to keep you inspired. Used by Shark Tank star Daymond John, this journal can help you drive positive change and overcome those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Backed by Scientific Research

This journal is a bit more of a splurge – $31.99 for just 13 weeks – but we think it’s worth the investment because of how much research went into creating it. Created with a framework that revolves around positive psychology and what keeps people motivated, organized, and working towards their goals.

The SELF Journal is also built with solid construction – hardcover that is resistant to warping and tearing and pages that are fountain pen friendly and smudge-proof. At 5.75” x 8.5” it’s the perfect size to carry with you or keep on your nightstand as you reflect at the beginning or end of your days.

What Do Reviews Say?

With a 4.5/5 rating, we’d say this is a pretty solid choice. Reviewers often talk about how it helps them focus and keep their eyes on the big picture without feeling overwhelmed like other habit trackers can. Even if you’re not planning to conquer the corporate world with your goals or habits you want to improve, it’ll help you stay accountable to yourself. Perfect for carrying through from our 15 day challenge!