When You Need a Digital Whiz….

If you started out in our Media & Reads section this week, you know we’re talking about crossing the generational divide. While awesome Third Agers like Chip Conley are working with giant tech companies to help them improve their businesses, I wanted to highlight my own digital secret weapon.

I had a vision for what I wanted my Third Age Mojo community to be, but to get a website and spread the word, I needed a little help. That’s where Captain Coder comes in! Marisa has been working in the website and digital marketing industry since she was a teenager. I met her in a Facebook group (aren’t those great?!) and knew that I needed help getting my vision live with a website.

She worked with me to provide a site I love! But not only did she build my website that you’re looking at now, she also helps me to brainstorm and get content together every week, helps me get it live on the website (it’s so nice to not to have to worry about that!), keeps my website running smoothly, and helps me reach more people through Facebook and Instagram ads.

She’s a Storyteller

One thing that I love about working with Marisa? Brainstorming with her is the best because she’s not your average “web developer.” No, Marisa is a storyteller at heart! She helps me to focus on what I want to write and talk about and helps me to strategize with how that will tell the Third Age Mojo story.

Marisa actually earned her BA and Master’s in Literature, so writing has always been one of her talents. Though she originally expected code to be a hobby, marketing shifted and she learned that she could tell brand stories pretty well through code and websites.

In her 16 year career (she started when she was 18, talk about a digital entrepreneur getting after it while they’re young!), she’s worked as a developer, copywriter, social media manager, and a digital marketing and ads strategist. Hell, she even now teaches Digital Marketing at Wichita State University.

It’s what makes her a perfect fit for me and this community, because she can see exactly what I want, listens, and applies it. Plus, I get to work with one person who can help me with so much.

I’m so happy to have found Marisa and if you’re an entrepreneur wanting help with revolutionizing your digital game, I know she can help you, too.