Discovering Your Relationship Magic

Whether you’re married or single, we’ve all got to work on the relationships in our lives to have the one you want.

That’s just what Susan Bratton helps us to do. Her ageless sexuality advice not only helps us create the intimacy and passion we’ve always wanted, but help us to discover the secrets to the emotional connections we’ve been missing, too. She shows us exactly how in Relationship Magic.

The Competitive Relationship Advantage 

Here’s the dirty little secret about relationships – it’s not about creating your own happiness, but finding out what your partner wants most and giving that to them.

But you have to learn about yourself first so you can create the give and take dynamic needed for that true relationship magic!

In her quick, informative read Relationship Magic, Bratton helps you to understand yourself clearly. Following her simple, powerful exercise, you’ll uncover the reasons you want to be in a relationship. You will realize those feelings you most want to feel and how to have them.

Once you’ve got a good idea about yourself and your actual needs and desires, Bratton will teach you to talk to your partner about how to create the ideal relationship for you. 

And like we mentioned above, it’s not all about you. Relationship Magic will help to teach you to become anyone’s ideal partner. 

The Shortcut to Healthy Relationships

Working through Relationship Magic with your partner can be especially helpful because it opens up the conversation so that you both feel acknowledged, loved, and respected for exactly who you are.

After all, we all deserve love and happiness in our relationships! Even if you’re currently single, you’ll learn more about yourself and how to actually go about finding that perfect partner for you.

At just $27, we think this investment is worth it!