Earn Extra Cash by Starting an Online Business

Be honest – does the idea of doing nothing during retirement sound a little boring or even scary to you?

For many of us, we think retirement should be a time to take a well-deserved break from the daily grind of work and enjoying living life the way we want to. 

The reality of today’s uncertain world, however, is that retirement can also be a huge financial uncertainty. Fixed incomes may not provide the same level of financial security as a regular paycheck or you might want to supplement your income to pay off debts, be able to travel, or simply have a better sense of security.

While you can look at several different ways to earn some extra cash for and during retirement, one option is to take your expertise and start an online business.

You don’t have to be an expert in the online space to make it work either, thanks to the new book Two Weeks Notice by online marketing expert Amy Porterfield.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Financial Freedom

Today’s digital world makes it super easy for anyone to start a business online. You can work just a few hours a week to bring in extra income, gain financial freedom, and even have better flexibility for your life.

If you’re hoping to earn some extra income for retirement – or just want to be able to finally work on your passion – then it might be time to start your own side hustle.

In Two Weeks Notice, Amy breaks down everything you need to do to set your business up for success. If you’ve had an idea for a business that’s never gotten off the ground or if you have no idea what you want to do, her guide will help you go from “stuck” to making strides in the direction of your dreams.

The Steps to Build a Successful Online Business

This book is a quick read but packed with all the information you’ll need to not only map out your business ideas, but set it up for success online.

Amy teaches you the things she wishes she knew as she built her own 8-figure online business, including: 

  • Why you don’t need to know exactly what your business is going to be to get started
  • Tips to navigate the 5 most common mental traps, including self-sabotage
  • How to use your 10 percent edge to build a foolproof marketing plan
  • The keys to set up your business to avoid trading your time for money
  • How to craft your first offer and overcome the fear of putting it out there
  • And so much more

Even if you’ve never sent an email to a list or posted as a business on social media, Amy will give you the tips and framework that will help you get the right foundation in place so you can be successful.

Take Control of Your Income

If you’ve been concerned about quitting your job and heading off into retirement, worrying about how you might pay your bills, or still have a mortgage and debt looming over you, then it might just be time to explore an online business.

The hundreds of five star reviews mention how easy her actional strategies are to follow and sing the praises of her practical content.

Two Weeks Notice isn’t full of fluff. This book is so packed with great information that you’ll want to have a notebook and goal setting supplies nearby as you read so you’re ready to take action!

Grab your copy now. It’s never too late to work towards the life of your dreams.