Essential Products to Brainstorm Winning Ideas

Are you ready to start getting your creative juices flowing?

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business to help you retire how you want or you’re diving into your 9-to-5 job to make it better, there’s nothing better than getting your brain working.

Call me old school, but I still love sitting down with a pen and paper to write out my ideas. In fact, writing by hand has been shown to improve your brain and your memory! Skip the keyboard and grab these amazing tools to help you write out your next great idea and put everything together.

paperage lined notebook

Keep All Your Ideas in this Notebook

There’s nothing quite like writing in a good notebook, but the problem with most of the “fancier” notebooks is that their bindings are hard to keep open. That’s why I love this spiral notebook from Paperage. It has 160 pages of thicker paper tucked into a spiral binding that lays flat for easy writing and note taking. Plus the vegan leather covers feel upscale and keep your notes safe. It comes in so many different colors that you’ll be certain to find one that fits your personality.

Write Smoothly with this Pen

Remember those old Bic pens that used to stop working while you were writing? Then you’d have to draw circles to get it going again? That’s never an issue with these gel pens from Sharpie. Not only do they write smoothly, they don’t smear or bleed into the pages. The colors are bold and the contoured rubber grip on the pen makes it super comfortable to write with for long periods of time. These will quickly become your favorite pens!

notebook whiteboard

Brainstorm with this Portable Whiteboard

Is there anything better than mapping out your ideas visually? Forgo the big whiteboards that you have to hang on your wall and grab this notebook size one instead! It comes with its own case that converts into a stand and is ultra-light to take with you anywhere. Sketch out ideas, take quick notes, and move it around your house (or even your patio) where you’re brainstorming!

lamare habit tracker calendar

Work Towards Your Goals with this Habit Tracker

The only way we can truly reach our goals is to make working towards them a daily habit. Use this fun calendar habit tracker from Lamare to track your daily routines in a visual way. Hang it on your wall as a reminder and take it down to fill it out. Goals are habits are more fun when you have a visual to keep you on top of your daily routines.

full focus planner

Acheive Your Goals with the Full Focus Planner

If you’re wanting to venture out into a new business or just any other goal, then you need the right framework to get there. Enter Michael Hyatt’s highly-reviewed Full Focus Planner. This handy notebook will not only help you keep track of your to-dos, but it includes productivity hacks to help you actually reach your goals, chart your progress, and stay on track. Stop asking “what next” and start building out the plan.