Feel Good Fitness with Jackie

I know that the only way you’re going to have a great Third Age is by focusing on your fitness. I believe this so firmly that I’ve shared many options with you over the past few months, including fun ones like Jazzercise, something easier-to-handle like hiking with the aid of walking sticks, to a more intense workout you can modify with our recent indoor bike option.

This week, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to stay fit – Pilates!

Pilates might sound a bit scary – kind of like yoga – but I promise it’s not at all! In fact, Pilates is perfect for us older guys and gals because:

  • It’s gentle and modifiable
  • Increases our strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Heightens our body awareness and helps prevent falls
  • Improves and maintains our mobility
  • Lessens the effects of debilitating medical conditions

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Jackie.

Beginner’s Pilates with Jackie

Jackie is a 65 year-old former teacher who turned to Pilates instruction when she retired. Jackie didn’t just stop at “normal” Pilates. She kept learning and became a level 3 mat-based instructor who teaches in a contemporary way. In her learning, she also certified in chair-based activity, designing exercise programs for older adults, Stretch therapy for Pilates, and Pilates and Osteoporosis.

One thing that’s great about Jackie? Her classes are offered virtually! They’re the perfect way to get started and not feel so overwhelmed while being surrounded by other students who “get” it more than you.

You can start with her Pilates for Beginners online course for just £15 (about $20 for us US people). In it, she’ll cover the fundamentals of Pilates! If you like her style, Jackie has a virtual studio that you can get access to starting at just £21.99/month.

If you’ve been wanting to give Pilates a try or simply want to improve your mobility and increase your flexibility, we think this is the perfect first step!