Stay Digitally Connected to Family with This Webcam

Who is ready for the holiday season? This time of year is all about reconnecting with loved ones, but not all of us are able to do so in person. Even though it’s safer to travel again, you may have kids in different states or simply want to avoid the holiday airport madness. Whatever your reasons for staying closer to home, we have the answer to allow you to “see” your family up close and personal.

Meet the NexiGo N660 AutoFocus Webcam

Connect easily on Zoom and other video calls with the NexiGo N660 Webcam! Chances are you have a webcam on your laptop that’s lower quality than you’d like. You also have to drag your laptop around or mess with the lighting to get that picture just right.

No more grainy laptop images. This webcam gives you a high definition picture and comes with automatic white balance and exposure control. Basically, that means you’ll get a great image and high-definition video even in dim or poorly backlit settings. It changes automatically to adjust to your surroundings.

One thing we like about this external webcam is that it has an excellent microphone! There are so many reviews that mention how great the built-in dual stereo microphones are. It comes with noise-canceling technology that helps to filter background noise. That means even if you’ve got other people in the next room, your distant loved ones will still be able to hear you speak.

When you’re not using the webcam, you can maintain your privacy by simply sliding the special shutter shut. We love this feature because it prevents criminals from using your webcam when it is not in use by you.   

Using a Webcam on Your Smart TV

Another advantage of using an external webcam? You can hook it up to your TV to get an even better image. The NexiGo Webcam allows you to connect it to a smart TV (just follow these simple instructions) so you don’t have to hunch over a laptop or squeeze everyone closely together on the couch. Because this webcam is adjustable, you can turn it any direction you need to capture your video chats.

What the Reviews Say

All of the reviews agree that this webcam is easy to use, has perfect auto-focus, and was a great value. Its 4.5 rating is a must buy for us!