Improve Your Health with these Stress-Reducing Products

Stress and overwhelm can do a number of bad things to your health.

If left unchecked, this stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

Stop letting stress win! There are a lot of things that I do to manage my own stress and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things that help with it.

We know that improved health is a huge part of living our best Third Age. So don’t wait! Grab and try some of these things to see how they can help you.

trideer yoga ball

Move Your Body Easily with This Yoga Ball

Exercise balls can help you feel more stable as you exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, so it’s time to move! We love the Trideer exercise ball because it comes in 5 sizes and can be used for everything from strength training to yoga and stretching to using it as an office chair for a better back. This easy-inflate ball will take up little to no space in your home but become your favorite thing.

Go From Couch to Confident

If you haven’t exercised in awhile, we love this beginner-friendly workout series from Julia Marie. This 14-day challenge will help you find more stability and flexibility. Each challenge increases in difficulty. You’ll be surprised at how far you can push yourself when you do it a little bit at a time.

dr teals foaming bath with epsom salt lavender

Relax Your Muscles with a Hot Bath

Ready to soak and soothe those sore muscles? I love Dr. Teal’s! Their foaming bath gives you the fun of a bubble bath with the benefits of essential oils and epsom salt. Soothe your senses, revitalize tired and achy muscles, and get some relief from stress. We particularly like the Soothe and Sleep with Lavender. Great for after a long, relaxing bike ride!

Let Essential Oils Relax You in the Shower

Don’t have a bath or not a fan of them? Get the same benefits of a bubble bath with these aromatherapy shower steamers! Infused with essential oils, these will melt in the hot shower to release the relaxing benefits of lavender. These are particularly great to send you off to a night of restful sleep.

bodyrestore shower steamers
craftbarn paint by numbers

Try Painting (By the Numbers!)

You’ll never believe these beautiful works are paint by the numbers – and neither will your friends. These two framed paintings from Craftbarn are the perfect way to de-stress, put your phone down, and try your hand at painting. You’ll get everything in the kit you need to create some beautiful floral works of art.

Create Your Own Artwork

This beginner’s kit from Falling in Art has an easel, 12 acrylic paints, canvas panels, and brushes. It’s everything you need to get started on your own Grandma Moses journey. Paint things around you, derive inspiration from nature, or just follow some online videos to start your painting journey.

falling in art tabletop easel set