Living a Life of Adventure with Tom Hale

A few weeks ago we talked about adventure traveling with Backroads Travel. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share more about its incredible founder Tom Hale.

Originally an environmental planner, Hale left his new job in Las Vegas to take “one more” backroads cycling trip.

It was on that trip that he realized he needed to create his own travel company. Biking 5,000 miles alone through the West, he formulated his plans for what would one day become Backroads.

A Garage Start-Up

To get his business off the ground, Hale did everything. He put together the itineraries, took care of the bikes, and washed fondue pots in the evening while he built his business.

With his first tours starting in 1980, Backroads has become the absolute leader in adventure travel.

How has he done it?

In an interview with Forbes magazine a few years ago, Hale contributed all of his success to the quality of the trips they plan.

Quality is at the core of everything we do – from hiring and training new leaders, to customer service from our sales staff, to executing a fantastic trip. We are sticklers for details and make sure that we put our guests first, above everything else, to give them a great experience every step of the way.”

That quality extends to hiring his employees and tour guides directly, ensuring that customers get the same great Backroads experience no matter where they might choose to go.

Built on Being Active

As you can imagine for someone who runs an active travel business, Hale loves to follow an active lifestyle. 

As a Third Ager now, he’s still running, biking, skate skiing, hiking, and working out daily.

He’s always looking for ways to stay active but also to connect with the world around him in an active way.

This active exploration of the world feels more authentic and real to him than any other way to travel and we think his customers would definitely agree!

Destinations He Loves

As an avid traveler, Hale has been to some pretty incredible places throughout the world.

In his Forbes interview, he mentioned that northern Italy and the Sierras are some of his favorite locations to explore over and over again.

He’s also loved recent trips to Peru, Scotland, France, a Danube river tour, and destinations in India and Israel.

Onto the Next Adventure

Whether you want to travel with Backroads yourself or you just want to live vicariously through Hale and his amazing team, he’s definitely worth the follow.

Reading his own recent messages in their blog has been so motivating to me. I want to get out on an adventure and I’d bet he’ll make you feel the same!

There’s no reason to slow down. Let’s enjoy life!