Secrets to a Stylish Date Night

Heading out on a first date? Intimidating! When I first started dating again, I was second-guessing everything.

But I knew that if I wore something that gave me confidence, I’d be able to meet someone new with that same confidence.

Whether you’re going on a first date or your 1,000th

 date night, I’ve got some inspiration for you.

Date Night Style for Men

Let’s start with the guys. Frankly, it’s time to ditch that shirt you’ve been wearing for 30 years or those old ill-fitting polos and try something new.

Gone are the days when we need to get fully dressed up to go out, but we still want to look and feel great.

Thanks to Love to Know, we’ve got some style tips to dress casually and put together.

Outfit Pairings

You can do a lot with what’s already in your closet, but dress it up a bit differently.

For instance, you can pair a crew or v-neck sweater over a button-down shirt for an elegantly casual look.

Or, pull out a turtleneck sweater and pair it with a good pair of straight-leg jeans to look put together and casual.

Upgrade from casual t-shirts to a Henley that will look a bit more polished. You can pair them with casual trousers or chinos to look put together while still being very comfortable.

If you don’t have any already, we recommend a pair of straight-leg denim jeans as a staple that looks nice but are still casual.

Match these outfits with some nice slip-on loafers or brown shoes to complete the outfit.

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Date Night Style for Women

OK ladies, if you want to look great but you’ve been running low on ideas for your outfits in your Third Age, BestLife has some great ideas for you. 

You might be dressing differently now than you did in your 20s, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to show your personality anymore!

Things to Try

You probably won’t be wearing a mini-skirt anymore, but you can still show some skin. Try a cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder top that puts your neckline on display without feeling over the top. 

Prefer to show off your legs? Try a skirt or dress with a slit that adds a bit of sexy without feeling over the top.

Speaking of dresses, A-line dresses are a great way to be comfortable but dressy on your next date. The flattering cut accentuates the bust while skimming the tummy and usually comes to the knee. It’s almost the perfect style for anyone.

Want to look warm and approachable? Try some soft, romantic fabrics like silk or cashmere tops paired with dark jeans that make you look super stylish without the work.

If you’re not sure what color combinations work, you can look instantly sophisticated all in one color. Monochrome outfits create clean lines but allow you to look great without the work.

Want to know more? Check out the full guide from BestLife.