Get Help Finding Love

Finding love again in our Third Age can feel daunting. But just because we’re not in the prime of our youth doesn’t mean that our love lives need to be over.

When you discover a new love, it can be a beautiful quiet companionship or one that sparks a new fire for adventure.

If you want to discover someone new and have been discouraged by dating apps and blind dates, it might be time to turn to a matchmaker.

Get Elite Matchmaking

Our lives are busy and no one wants to spend much time scrolling through dating apps trying to find someone.

That’s where Love and Matchmaking comes in. With a 95% success rate, they offer matchmaking services to find someone for you!

Take the pressure of finding love off your shoulders and let the professionals handle it. Their nationwide services can help you find the right person for you and even provide local introductions and matchmaking.

You don’t have to worry about fake people or robots, as all of their members are vetted and prequalified before you meet them.

Brush Up with Date Coaching

Has it been a while since you’ve dated? It’s a totally new world, I get it! Increase your chances of having things go well with Love and Matchmaking’s date coaching services.

They’ll talk you through first-date jitters, effective communication, and how to build a lasting relationship with your matches.

You can get help with your own online dating or have them help while also having them match you with someone.

Find Your Right Match

If you’re ready to find love again but want to make it easy, it might be time to enlist the professionals.

They’ll look for your perfect match outside of their own network, offer discreet and compassionate service, and help you to find the right person for you.

Get started with a confidential consultation and get ready to meet someone new.