The Unexpected Secrets to a Long Life

I’m pretty sure we all want to live a long, healthy life. What we think true longevity takes and what actually works may surprise you.

It did me! 

An eight-decade study blew the lid off some of the expected answers to longevity and showed us what might be the true secrets to a long life.

Drs. Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin compiled the findings in their fascinating book The Longevity Project.

Surprising Discoveries for a Healthy & Long Life

This multi-generational study started with Dr. Lewis Terman of Stanford University in 1921. Successors continued the study after he died in 1958 and now collaborates with the Stanford Center on Longevity

In their Oprah-endorsed book, Friedman and Martin detailed the findings after tracking 1500 Americans from childhood, pointing out that what leads to a long life isn’t what we expect.

In the world of aging, we often obsess over our trips to the gym, what we eat, our stress levels, and even our anger.

While those factors aid our long life, they share that they found:

  • The hardest workers actually lived the longest
  • Marriage is not a magic ticket to good health
  • It’s not the happy-go-lucky who thrive-it’s the prudent and persistent

The study did focus on bright children from largely middle-class backgrounds, but Friedman and Martin explain why that can be a good indicator still for most people on what’s needed for longevity.

Evaluate Your Longevity Factors

Do you have what you need to live a long and healthy life?

Within The Longevity Project, you’ll be able to perform multiple self-assessments to help you understand your own best paths to a longer, healthier life. After all, what works for one of us won’t always work for everyone else.

Many of the reviewers praise how easy the book is to read and how well it breaks down a complex 80-year study into something that everyone can understand and learn from.

Want to learn what you need to know to live a longer life? Pick up this engrossing read!